Aaleyah Joi

Some friends of ours (Don & Amber Jenkins) recently referred me to the Harrington family (Mark & Asha) since they were interested in having some pics taken of their beautiful newborn daughter Aaleyah Joi (love that name don’t you?).  She was nearly 3 weeks old but had a head of hair that put some toddlers to shame.  Not only can I not say enough about how beautiful she was, but I also can’t begin to explain what a tremendously awesome family unit the three of them make.  Mark and Asha have taken to parenting quite naturally and there is clearly a ton of love flowing through that home (which by the way is a killer 1930’s craftsman style home in Santa Ana).

This was such a fun shoot and such a natural time of watching two new parents love on their kid!  Hope you enjoy the images!!


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