Amy Haynes: Maternity

It seems like just yesterday I shot Chance + Amy’s wedding, now I’m taking pics of another huge life event for them. That is such a rad part of my job, and why this is about so much more than just taking pictures.

Thank you Chance + Amy again for trusting me with such a beautiful season of your lives. I can’t wait to meet baby Harper!!

Amy Haynes_maternity_0069.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0070.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0071.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0072.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0073.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0074.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0075.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0076.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0077.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0078.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0079.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0080.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0081.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0082.jpg Amy Haynes_maternity_0083.jpg

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