Best of 2013!!

2013 was a phenomenal year! Not only for personal reasons, but also for how incredible it has been to see God’s blessings as I finallly stepped out in faith to take my photography business full-time!! For the first time in over 8 years, I haven’t had to manage a sales quota, report to a cubicle, or spend countless hours on the road heading to appointments I didn’t want to be at. After years of dreaming about and praying for the ability to have a job that I sincerely love, He answered it!

What a blast it was to go through all my pictures from this last year and relive the incredible moments I got to be a part of as well as the clients that have now become dear friends! I truly hope that this is only the beginning and more incredible adventures wait for me in 2014! Thank you to everyone that made this dream a possibility…my beautiful wife who has fought for and supported me every step of the way, my incredible clients who have trusted me with capturing some of the most important moments of their life, and the friends and family that continue to see in me the potential that I don’t always see in myself. Much love to you all and cheers to 2014!!!


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