Chris & Kathryn: Engaged

I love when I stumble upon client referrals and there just seems to be cheap jerseys instant chemistry! requirements  Chris and cheap mlb jerseys Kathryn have two of those fun, outgoing personality types that I mesh really well with.  A couple weeks prior to their engagement session I spent a Engaged couple hours documenting their Scott engagement party at Portfolio Muldoon’s in Newport Beach, motion partaking in ice wholesale mlb jerseys cold Guiness and crazy good eats, all the while taking pictures of their undeniably fun and boisterous group of Trading friends and family.  It was great to see what a close and supportive family they both have and how especially receptive of me they were, having only wholesale mlb jerseys met them all moments earlier.

Thanks Chris and Kathryn for rocking it front of my camera during our E-Session!!  Can’t wait for your wedding in September!!


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