Chris+Courtney: Engaged

I’m no longer surprised when I have those “gee this is a small world” kind of moments with people.  That is quite possibly, aside from the artistic outlet, one of my favorite things about my job as a photographer…how much connection and community happens as a part of my job.  Obviously I seek to make sure each of my clients is happy with the service I provide them, but the greatest compliment is when they refer me to their friends.

The Guerrero Family gave my name to Chris + Courtney, saying they needed to talk to me about shooting their wedding this September.  I am soooooo glad they did, because it was one of those instant connections and a super natural time of hanging out over a beer in Costa Mesa.  Chris is a lawyer and Courtney works in finance but is also a very talented singer/performer.  They make such a good looking couple and have such kind, gentle, and fun spirits.

As talks about their engagement session ensued, the excitement level grew among the three of us.  The day came and did not disappoint.  It was organic, completely relaxed and conversational…just the way I like it.  Thanks Chris+Courtney for a super fun day!!  I can’t wait for your wedding in September!

Chris+Courtney_0028.jpg Chris+Courtney_0029.jpg Chris+Courtney_0030.jpg Chris+Courtney_0031.jpg Chris+Courtney_0032.jpg Chris+Courtney_0033.jpg Chris+Courtney_0034.jpg Chris+Courtney_0035.jpg Chris+Courtney_0036.jpg Chris+Courtney_0037.jpg Chris+Courtney_0038.jpg Chris+Courtney_0039.jpg Chris+Courtney_0040.jpg Chris+Courtney_0047.jpg Chris+Courtney_0041.jpg Chris+Courtney_0042.jpg Chris+Courtney_0043.jpg Chris+Courtney_0045.jpg Chris+Courtney_0044.jpg Chris+Courtney_0046.jpg

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