Collaborative World Event #3

In a consumeristic/capitalistic society, it’s not always easy to find for-profit organizations that are really making a dramatic impact in the “generosity” category.  I think the idea of giving away 50% of  a company’s profits to charity would scare the crap out of most business owners or executives.  Not Dave Goodman or Tyler Carroll…

Together, these two gentleman decided they wanted to do something no one else was doing out there…something radical!  So, they started this apparel company, Collaborative World, back in 2009 with the company initiative of giving away at least 50% of every dollar they made selling their clothing line to help fund incredible non-profits.  They sponsor events each year featuring a new non-profit that they are supporting.  For the event I covered on July 14th, they were featuring an awesome organization called The A21 Campaign who seek to abolish human trafficking throughout the world.

Also in attendance were 2 other great NPOs called My Broken Palace and Turkey and Friends…make sure to check them out.  In addition, it was an incredible night of music as three awesome bands and a solo artist performed in a free concert for those in attendance.  All these guys rocked and are local so make sure you check out their music:  The Field Trip, Keepers of the Sun, Jeramiah Red and a solo performance by Jake McMullen from the band York!


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