Cowell's in Kauai

Recently, my lovely wife and I were blessed to be able to take a family vacation to Kauai for a week along with her parents, grandma and cousin.  This was my first time to any of the islands and as the photos will show, it was an epic trip.  We woke before the sun every morning, enjoyed sunrise walks or coffee on our balcony, went on an insanely rad 7.5 mile hike back to a 300ft. waterfall, toured the Napoli coast, played games in the evening while watching the sun go down (assuming we weren’t still swimming in the 80+ degree water at the beach)…it was all magical.

As everyone warns you, you won’t want to leave and we definitely didn’t want it to end, but it’s also so amazing to have so much to look forward to when we get back.  Till next time Kauai…till next time!






Pretty unreal how incredibly lush Waimea Canyon was…






I married a hottie…



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Kauai-22 Kauai-21




One day, Amber, her cousin and I decided to take on a pretty challenging 7.5 mile round-trip hike to the 300ft Hanakapi’ai Falls…worth every drop of sweat to get there!  Not to mention we had a nice secluded beach to catch our breath at in  the middle of the hike.





Kauai-29 Kauai-30




Scenic viewpoints like this are around every turn!



The Napoli Coast was absolutely breathtaking!






Kauai-41 Kauai-42 Kauai-43 Kauai-58 Kauai-57 Kauai-56 Kauai-55 Kauai-54 Kauai-47 Kauai-48 Kauai-49 Kauai-50 Kauai-52 Kauai-53

Kauai-59 Kauai-60

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