Dan+Anabelle: Playful and Romantic San Diego Engagement

Dan and Anabelle were total champs...in the midst of moving cross country to New York, Anabelle starting her dentistry residency, and planning their wedding, they managed to fit in a 24 hour trip out to California just for their engagement session! We visited their alma mater, put our toes in the warm Pacific, got kicked out of some buildings, and overall just had a rad time cruising around to some of their favorite spots in San Diego where they first met.

Their adventurous and positive vibes combined with their genuine warm and easy-going personalities really made it one of those days that it didn't feel like work at all...just some new friends getting acquainted and having a ton of laughs. Thanks you two for trouble you went to in order to prioritize a trip out here for that time together! Definitely can't wait to celebrate with you in La Jolla in December!

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