Frank & Amy: Married

Frank and Amy came to me through a mutual friend whose wedding I shot a couple years back.  It was an instant connection!  They are incredibly warm, caring people who are full of passion!  As fellow foodies and Frank being in the restaurant industry, we connected multiple times before their big day over some crazy good eats and will continue to do so now that we are friends!  Their love for each other is evident, their adventure and journey is exciting, and I am so blessed to be able to have been and continue to be a part of it!! Thank you for trusting me with the most important day of your life!


Venue: Embassy Suites, Santa Ana
Makeup:  Tanisha Miles
Hair: Jaclyn Semonza w/ Hush Hush Bang Bang
DJs: John & Edwin (Friends)
Cake: Twinfully Sweet
Groom’s Barber: Dane Hess w/ Eagle & Pig Barber

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