George+Courtney: Engaged

It is so dang awesome that just a little over one year ago, I met Courtney at the wedding of her sister Shannon that I was photographing. She and George were still just dating at the time, but now they are planning for their wedding this December and I am the lucky one that gets to be a part of it. It was also super convenient that while my wife and I were on our annual vacation we just happened to be in San Francisco for me to hang out with them for an engagement session throughout the city.

It was cold, windy, and rainy, but George and Courtney were total troopers! They took me all over the place and allowed me to see parts of the city I had never seen before. Thanks for the good times you two and I am very much looking forward to your wedding at the end of this year!

George+Courtney_0001.jpg George+Courtney_0002.jpg George+Courtney_0003.jpg George+Courtney_0004.jpg George+Courtney_0005.jpg George+Courtney_0006.jpg George+Courtney_0007.jpg George+Courtney_0008.jpg George+Courtney_0009.jpg George+Courtney_0010.jpg George+Courtney_0011.jpg George+Courtney_0012.jpg George+Courtney_0013.jpg George+Courtney_0014.jpg George+Courtney_0015.jpg George+Courtney_0016.jpg

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