Guerrero Family

Justin and Becky are super cool, fashionable, good looking, hospitable…just downright quality people.  And it didn’t surprise me at all that their son, Maddox, would be anything less than a total ham in front of the camera.  I had so much fun with this beautiful little family, hanging out in their restored 1920’s home and around downtown Fullerton.


Guerrero-Family_0002.jpg Guerrero-Family_0001.jpg Guerrero-Family_0003.jpg Guerrero-Family_0004.jpg Guerrero-Family_0005.jpg Guerrero-Family_0006.jpg Guerrero-Family_0007.jpg Guerrero-Family_0008.jpg Guerrero-Family_0009.jpg Guerrero-Family_0010.jpg Guerrero-Family_0011.jpg Guerrero-Family_0012.jpg Guerrero-Family_0013.jpg Guerrero-Family_0014.jpgGuerrero Family_0015 Guerrero Family_0016 Guerrero Family_0017 Guerrero Family_0018Guerrero Family_0019 Guerrero Family_0020

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