Hey Graduating Seniors!!

I love looking back on that season of life as I was stepping out of high school and into a new phase of independence and adulthood. So many hopes and dreams still brewing, so much uncertainty and many fears also present. It made it exciting. I think that’s why I love photographing these sessions now as an adult…it really allows me to flashback and do an inventory on all the incredible things that have happened since then, how so many of my dreams and hopes have changed, how a few have remained, and how new ones have continued to grow.

I love speaking into each of these seniors lives in a small way and encouraging them to lean into this season of life and not be afraid of trying a bunch of new things and chasing after those dreams. From an artistic standpoint it is also so refreshing to spend time with these rad people and allow them the space to blossom in front of my camera. Some are super comfortable, some struggle to loosen up at first, but by the end we are always all laughing and having an amazing time.

If any of you have seniors about to graduate or if you are a senior about to graduate, take advantage of scheduling a session like this…it’s something I wished I had done when I was going through that transition. I promise we will have a great time and you will leave with some images that will serve to nostagically transport you back in time as you grow and see your hopes and dreams change, shift, and come to fruition.