Jason + Jen: Married

I knew from the moment I met with Jason and Jen to talk about their wedding that they would be an amazing couple.  The light in their eyes and excitement in their voices as they described what their big day was going to look like got me so pumped up.  See, to get to this place they had endured a heartbreaking story of having to cancel their much anticipated wedding a few years prior due to the death of a close family member.  They basically put their marriage on hold as they grieved such a difficult loss.

Fast forward to now, the absence of that family member is still felt strongly, but it’s also coupled with extreme gratitude and excitement at them being able to have their dream wedding once again.  The two families uniting could not have been a more beautiful picture of sincere love for each other, joy at them coming together to celebrate Jason and Jen, and overwhelming support for them as they embarked on this new path of their adventure.  I love these two!!

venue: oak canyon nature center /// cake+dessert: frost my cake /// caterer: marlene’s catering /// florals: xavier’s florist /// dj: infinity event productions /// wedding coordination: styling starts here ///

Jason + Jennifer-1 Jason + Jennifer-3 Jason + Jennifer-7 Jason + Jennifer-8 Jason + Jennifer-9 Jason + Jennifer-10 Jason + Jennifer-12 Jason + Jennifer-14
Jason + Jennifer-17 Jason + Jennifer-15
Jason + Jennifer-16

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Jason + Jennifer-80

Jason + Jennifer-81

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Jason + Jennifer-107 Jason + Jennifer-108 Jason + Jennifer-113 Jason + Jennifer-116

Jason + Jennifer-121 Jason + Jennifer-122 Jason + Jennifer-124 Jason + Jennifer-120 Jason + Jennifer-130 Jason + Jennifer-131 Jason + Jennifer-132

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