Jimmy + Emily: Engaged

I’m so proud of my cousin Emily. She has grown up to be such an incredible woman who loves God deeply as well as the people He has placed in her life. I also love seeing how openly and willingly she answered God’s call to go into full-time, overseas missions work.

The story of how she came to find Jimmy is nothing short of a divine appointment. Jimmy, having grown up in the same town as Emily but never having a personal friendship with her, was introduced to her by their pastor on a Sunday not long before Emily was to leave the states to head overseas. After two dates, he boldy declared his intentions of wanting to pursue Emily.

She left, they grew their friendship into love via Skype and many emails back and forth. Then a few months later, while Jimmy was out visiting her, the ring was offered and she said yes! In spending the time with them during this shoot (my first time meeting Jimmy) it’s pretty incredible what a clear fit they are for each other. I can’t wait for their wedding in January!

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