Josh+Stephanie: Engaged

It totally goes to show that you never know how a single conversation or connection made at a random event could lead to something greater down the road.  I met Josh at an event for this super rad organization in Costa Mesa called MIKA Community Development.  He hadn’t even officially started his new position with the non-profit, but we hit it off and I have since photographed multiple other events for them.

Fast forward to now…he’s marrying his childhood love, a girl he grew up with and is now gonna make his wife.  I am so blessed they asked me to shoot their wedding.  Our time together during their engagement shoot was so organic, so……easy!  Honestly, it was as if I was hanging out with two dear friends and sharing stories and laughs.  I can’t wait for their wedding in July!!

Josh+Stephanie_0001.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0003.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0004.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0006.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0007.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0008.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0009.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0010.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0011.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0012.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0013.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0015.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0016.jpg Josh+Stephanie_0017.jpgJosh+Stephanie_0018 Josh+Stephanie_0019 Josh+Stephanie_0020 Josh+Stephanie_0021 Josh+Stephanie_0022 Josh+Stephanie_0023 Josh+Stephanie_0024 Josh+Stephanie_0025 Josh+Stephanie_0026

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