Lydell Family

One of the best things that happens in my job is when families return to me for pictures year after year. It gives me a chance to see them grow and hear about their continuing adventure of life. The Lydell family is so full of life and laughter and I’m so fortunate that they invite me to be a part of their annual vacations down in Oceanside. This year we got to celebrate Chelsea being pregnant with her and David’s third child (a boy) and the excitement they have at welcoming little Joseph this coming January!

We also did a little something different by spending some time with them in their kitchen as they all share a love for good food and drink…something near and dear to my heart as well 🙂

Lydell Family_0001.jpg Lydell Family_0002.jpg Lydell Family_0003.jpg Lydell Family_0004.jpg Lydell Family_0005.jpg Lydell Family_0006.jpg Lydell Family_0007.jpg Lydell Family_0008.jpg Lydell Family_0009.jpg Lydell Family_0010.jpg Lydell Family_0011.jpg Lydell Family_0012.jpg Lydell Family_0013.jpg Lydell Family_0014.jpg Lydell Family_0015.jpg Lydell Family_0016.jpg Lydell Family_0017.jpg Lydell Family_0018.jpg Lydell Family_0019.jpg Lydell Family_0020.jpg Lydell Family_0021.jpg

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