Room Forty Tasting

Steve Fortunato is a man with a very clear vision for his high-end catering company…he seeks to revolutionize how catered food is perceived and experienced, so it “narrows the gap between a great restaurant experience and the catered format.” His team exists to provide an almost interactive experience of the food for guests through the incredible ingredients, uniquely creative plating, and wonderfully approachable and professional staff.

Recently, my wife (Amber from The Love Riot) and I received the honor of a personal invite to a private tasting at Steve’s recently opened L.A. venue, The Fig House. (This is where it pays to be married to a woman who has done such a great job building solid relationships in the wedding industry). We also got the pleasure of dining with the our friends Jesi of Jesi Haack Design and Chandra Fredrick, founder of Oh Lovely Day find out this here.

Although this was technically a “business lunch”, Steve’s casual yet warmly hospitable way made it more like a family meal, all of us sipping on delicious wine and chatting about his kids and how him and his wife of 10 years met seredipitously on a plane ride…

Leading into the pictures of the incredible feast he put on, please be warned…this is going to make you hungry. And the food was even better than the pictures make it out to look. Those of you out there that are getting married, let me tell you with absolute confidence, you won’t be sorry if you choose Room Forty to cook for you!!


Derr Family_0103.jpg
Derr Family_0087.jpg
Derr Family_0088.jpg
Derr Family_0089.jpg

Derr Family_0090.jpgMiniature Philly cheesesteak, poached onion, farmer’s cheese /// heirloom cherry tomato tart, meyer lemon rind, house smoked buratta

Derr Family_0091.jpg Salmon tartare, taro chip coronet, smoked paprika caviar, meyer lemon

Derr Family_0092.jpgWild mushroom porridge, miso marinated grilled tofu, polenta oatmeal /// seasonal agnolotti, buerre fondue

Derr Family_0093.jpgLiquid center meatball, warm pomodoro, panko crunch

Derr Family_0094.jpg
“Fish n chips”, potato coronet, breaded atlantic cod, malt vinegar caviar, sauce grebiche

Derr Family_0095.jpg
House fried chicken, waffle wafer cone, maple caviar, chipotle remoulade

Derr Family_0096.jpg
Fresh pasta with flavors of the rueben: cavatelli, corned beef, house made kraut /// bao buns: house made duck sausage, duck pastrami, candied kumquat

Derr Family_0097.jpg
Shredded short rib taco coronets, jalapeño chimichurri, avocado mousse

Derr Family_0098.jpg
Squash chowder shots, rutabaga gratin, puffed rice

Derr Family_0099.jpg
Heirloom tomato, smoked buratta, pumpkin seed soil, torn basil, balsamic caviar

Derr Family_0101.jpg
Summer corn bisque, langoustines, grilled stone fruit, lace crouton, pistachio soil, poured table side

Derr Family_0102.jpg
“Cedar planked salmon” Artic char, puffed barley, blood orange caviar, scallion ash

Derr Family_0104.jpg
Crimson raviolo, stinging nettle pesto, lardons, blistered cherry tomato confit

Derr Family_0105.jpg
Corvina sea bass, wild mushroom oatmeal, puffed farro granola, blood orange foam

Derr Family_0106.jpg
“Flavors of the Philly Cheese Steak”: Rib eye medallions, heirloom pepper confit, cheese timbale, french onion soup puree, lace cheese crouton

Derr Family_0107.jpg
Braised shank, vichyssoise puree, market vegetables, earl grey bordelaise

Derr Family_0108.jpg
Butterscotch pudding, thyme panna cotta, sweet potato brittle /// Banana cream “parfait”: graham soil, banana creme, brulee marshmallow

Derr Family_0109.jpg
House made Kit Kat

Derr Family_0111.jpg
“Room Forty Campfire”: graham soil, chocolate coffee ganache, brulee house made marshmallows, hickory smoke waft

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