Shawn & Darcy: Engaged

It’s such an honor to be able to share this post with you.  This past weekend I was able to spend a few hours with some very close friends of mine, Shawn and Darcy, taking their engagement photos.  Not only as an artist do I appreciate their style and personalities, but as a friend I love their story and the incredible tenderness and joy that takes place in their relationship.  Darcy is a hilarious stand-up comedian by hobby, gifted jeweler by day…Shawn is a crazy good artisan coffee roaster (If you enjoy coffee, you MUST check out his stuff, Old Town Roasting… it’s incredible!).

They met on the hallowed grounds (pun alert) of Kean Coffee where Darcy, thinking Shawn was already married, let her guard down and initiated an authentic friendship.  Upon the realization that Shawn “the Viking” Anderson was indeed available and interested in Darcy, their new relationship began.  What I love about seeing them together is how redemptive their love for each other is.  Shawn, having come from hurtful relationships in the past, has come to know a trustworthy, loyal, fun, and graceful mate in Darcy, and visa versa.  As you will see from the photos below, they have something special!!

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