Shawn & Darcy: Married

I think the biggest thing that makes certain weddings more enjoyable than others (no, not the booze) is when it is a couple that everyone can get on board with…a couple that you are truly excited to see tie the knot.  Shawn and Darcy are that couple!  Yes, the libations floweth, but more than that we were able to witness a great love story come to fruition.  Two lives lived separately for years only to prepare them for the life of togetherness they were intended for.  Having now known Shawn and Darcy for a couple years I can say without a doubt that their marriage will be full of tenderness, mutual respect and support, laughter, and fun!  Thank you for letting me share in this day and for letting me capture the fun!  Love you both!

Reception Venue: Knights of Pythias Hall (Old Town Tustin)
Event Coordination: Amber of Jesi Haack Design
Catering: Dave Mau of ‘Two Brothers BBQ’ & Memphis at the Santora
Cake: ABC Cakes
Coffee Bar & Guest Favors: Old Town Roasting (Roasted by Shawn Anderson)
Rentals: Apex Tent & Party
DJ: DJ Wanda of KUCI
Florals: Jennifer Ohl
Dress: Ferndales Bridal
Jewelry:  AAA Family Gems



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