Steve+Jaime: Engaged

I was so stoked when Jaime contacted me after being referred to me by Jessica and John (whose engagement session I just featured last week). Her and her fiance Steve are getting married this September out in Michigan and needed engagement photos done out here. While I am totally bummed I can’t be a part of their wedding day, I was more than happy to spend a couple hours with them and exploring all kinds of goodness that the Orange County hills have to offer.

And, the skies totally dressed up for the occasion, giving us insane clouds and light…thank you God for the backdrop!


Steve+Jaime_0030.jpg Steve+Jaime_0031.jpg Steve+Jaime_0032.jpg Steve+Jaime_0033.jpg Steve+Jaime_0034.jpg Steve+Jaime_0035.jpg Steve+Jaime_0036.jpg Steve+Jaime_0037.jpg Steve+Jaime_0038.jpg Steve+Jaime_0039.jpg Steve+Jaime_0040.jpg Steve+Jaime_0041.jpg Steve+Jaime_0042.jpg Steve+Jaime_0043.jpg Steve+Jaime_0044.jpg Steve+Jaime_0045.jpg Steve+Jaime_0046.jpg Steve+Jaime_0047.jpg Steve+Jaime_0048.jpg Steve+Jaime_0051.jpg Steve+Jaime_0052.jpg

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