Taylor & Kim: Surprise Proposal

Every now and then as a photographer I get to also play the role of super stealthy ninja.  When my buddy Taylor asked if I could help capture his surprise proposal to his girlfriend Kim, I immediately starting planning my wardrobe of black on black…hoodie included.

This was an incredible experience and such a reminder of what a romantic I am and where this job totally enhances my love for life.  This was a beautiful moment to both capture pictures but also hear the sweet words exchanged between two people very much in love, and then the overwhelming excitement and celebration that came with her saying “YES”!!

Cheers to love!!

Storm Proposal-2

Storm Proposal-12

Storm Proposal-17

Storm Proposal-25

Storm Proposal-33

Storm Proposal-43

Storm Proposal-44

Storm Proposal-60

Storm Proposal-65

Storm Proposal-68


Storm Proposal-147

Storm Proposal-112

Storm Proposal-172

Storm Proposal-137

Storm Proposal-232

Storm Proposal-216



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