The Hunt Family

I got to know Katie a bit when she was interning for my wife Amber over at Jesi Haack Design.  It wasn’t until later that I realized we knew so many of the same people from our church circle and went to the same high school (although 5 years apart).

Katie and her husband Brandon have since introduced an insanely cute little man, Ethan, into the picture and jumped full force into being awesome parents.  Katie contacted me recently about wanting to do a little family shoot for them which I jumped at without hesitation.  We spent a couple hours together walking around and I soon discovered that I was not able to get a bad shot of them…I mean…look at them!

I was also very fortunate to have this shoot published by the wonderful ladies of Inspired by This (Also known as Be Inspired PR).  Here is a link to the feature… “Inspired by This Adorable Outdoor Family Shoot”


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