The Love Riot is here!!

Can I just say that I am beaming with pride and excitement right now?!!  Most of you out there know how I got married way out of my league to my high school sweetheart, Amber.  She is a woman full of passion, drive, integrity, creativity, compassion…basically overflowing with amazing qualities.  Ever since we were engaged to be married and started planning our own wedding, I saw this dream come alive in her to someday own her own wedding business.  Well my friends…after a lot of hard work and paying her dues, this dream has become a reality.

Amber poured countless hours into her jobs out of college.  The first 5 years were spent as a commercial interior designer with a big architecture firm in Costa Mesa.  The second, she was graciously offered a foot in the door of the wedding industry through an internship with the amazingly talented Jesi Haack of Jesi Haack Design.  Amber spent the past 3 years with Jesi as her lead wedding planner, learning the ropes from a seasoned professional.  At the end of this past wedding season, Amber received the unexpected blessing of gently being pushed out onto her own by Jesi who was taking her business in a “design-only” direction.  I say unexpected blessing because with out that push, it would likely have been another couple of years before Amber felt comfortable taking that leap into small business ownership.

But here we are…Amber, with the support of so many incredible people including many big fans from the wedding industry, has finally launched her own brand.  I can’t be happier for her as I am finally seeing her dream become a reality.  And people…I know I might sound pretty biased…but she is incredibly good at what she does!!  So for all your wedding planning needs, make sure you call The Love Riot!!


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