Wood Family

It’s pretty hard to put into words just how much this family means to me and my wife. Phil and Jen are the planters/founders of Redemption Church in Costa Mesa. It seemed as if from the first Sunday that we attended Redemption it was where we were meant to be all along, as if God had orchestrated the events leading up to us finally giving this new, small church a try. From there, getting to know Phil and Jen’s heart for Jesus, their family and their community we were absolutely blown away. They lead with grace, humility, passion, compassion, and a sincere drive to listen intently to what God is doing and how He is moving in and through the church body. I have been priveledged to serve alongside this family, watch them lead by example and inspire everyone around them. I am so honored to capture this phase of life for their family and share with you just how beautiful inside and out the Wood family really is! Wood Family_0025.jpg Wood Family_0022.jpg Wood Family_0023.jpg Wood Family_0024.jpg Wood Family_0026.jpg Wood Family_0027.jpg Wood Family_0028.jpg Wood Family_0029.jpg Wood Family_0030.jpg Wood Family_0031.jpg Wood Family_0032.jpg Wood Family_0033.jpg Wood Family_0034.jpg Wood Family_0035.jpg Wood Family_0036.jpg Wood Family_0037.jpg Wood Family_0038.jpg Wood Family_0039.jpg Wood Family_0040.jpg Wood Family_0041.jpg Wood Family_0042.jpgWood Family_0043.jpg Wood Family_0044.jpg Wood Family_0045.jpg

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