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Ridge BenBen

"Hey there, my name is Ridge BenBen and I’m a photographer from Southern California. I’ve been involved in art my whole life and photography is the medium that really stuck with me. I have found that photography for me is the best way to incorporate my art with other peoples’ stories and important life moments. Being able to look back and tell a story with frozen moments is extremely rewarding for me and I truly feel honored to be there for someones biggest day of their life. I am always looking forward to the next adventure what ever it may be. I can’t wait to hear more about your plans for you big day and am very thankful to be considered to be there by your side to capture all the important moments."

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Kalani Cummins

“Hey, I'm Kalani Cummins. I’m from Newport Beach, California, and I’m 20 years old. I got into photography when I was about 15 years old; my mom gave me her old Canon Rebel for my birthday, and ever since then my passion to shoot photos has grown every day. I really got into photography when I got into the ocean and started shooting waves. From there, photography took off, and I started shooting pretty much everything you could think of. This included wedding photography, which I quickly found was a job that I absolutely loved. It is an honor to be able to capture one of the best days of the couples lives... For me, delivering the photos of this special day provides a way for the couple to relive those moments that they wish could last forever.”