So rad to meet you!

I’m a husband to my high school sweetheart, I’m a dad to three gorgeous little girls, I’ve got a big, goofy great dane mix named Jethro and I love my city of CostaMazing (Costa Mesa, CA).  Me in a nutshell...good coffee, bacon, and whiskey are my jam. A perfect Sunday consists of church, brunch, and a nap. I spent over 8 years in jobs that sucked the life out of me, but now I finally have one that breathes life back into me. You see, photography is not my identity…but it is definitely an extension of how I was created to see life. And I got into weddings because I am all about the marriage, not just the wedding day.

Over the last few years, the word “adventure” has been such a clear theme in my life and in the life of my family. So, I want to hear about your adventure. I want to hear your story…what breathes life into you…what wakes you up in the morning and what makes you giddy. This is the story I want to tell with my camera. If this sounds good to you, give me a call and we will go swap some stories over some coffee or a cocktail and find out what awesome stuff we can create together.