Amber+Andy: Engaged


These two…it is just so great working with couples like Amber and Andy that are so genuine and kind and truly excited to marry each other. Having met on the set of a tv show almost 6 years ago, they took their instant connection and turned it into a great love story. Seeing their support and excitement for each others blossoming acting careers is super rad as was witnessing just how much fun they have together.

I’m truly priveleged to be a part of their big day! I can’t wait for their LA wedding in a couple weeks…it’s gonna be a heck of a way to close out a rad 2014 season!

Andy+Amber_0001.jpg Andy+Amber_0003.jpg Andy+Amber_0004.jpg Andy+Amber_0005.jpg Andy+Amber_0006.jpg Andy+Amber_0007.jpg Andy+Amber_0008.jpg Andy+Amber_0009.jpg Andy+Amber_0010.jpg Andy+Amber_0011.jpg Andy+Amber_0012.jpg Andy+Amber_0013.jpg

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