Daena Jay Music


I’ve been waiting to show these pics in the interest of waiting for my friend Daena to drop her new website, www.daenajaymusic.com, but this is about to be a very different post from most of my stuff.

Daena embodies talent and giftedness. Not only is she an incredibly humble, Spirit-led worship pastor for our church, Redemption, and a gifted speaker/storyteller…she also was born to write and perform music. Over the last few years she has been pursuing her music career by writing songs along with her crazy talented guitarist, Bobby Hartry, for a number of popular tv shows and commercials in addition to performing her own songs at various venues throughout California.

Recently, Daena entered a Los Angeles song writing contest along with over 100 thousand other artists. Her talent landed her in the top 5 finalists who will perform live in L.A. in front of an audience and panel of judges. For her to win, which is very possible, would mean a huge launch forward in her music writing career. I can’t imagine a greater privilege then to have been able to witness this journey of hers and also capture some of these images. Do yourself a favor, go to her website, listen to her songs, and start following this girls blossoming career…you won’t be sorry!!

Daena Jay Music_stevecowellphoto_0001.jpg
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