Lady of the River Shoot


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I love my job, I love the people I get to work with, I love the feeling of being stretched and uncomfortable when doing something new and creatively challenging…I love it all. So looking back, I’m not the least bit sorry I hounded Rachael from Lace and Likes to do a photoshoot together. I knew her design sense and funky fresh approach to this wedding industry would be the perfect match to get me out of my comfort zone and create something super exciting.

Little did I know how far she would go along with the super sweet and beautiful ladies of Witty Rentals as they created the concept of our Lady of the River shoot! These ladies brought along the A-Team and worked harder than I could even imagine to put together an incredible spread for me to shoot. Whether it was lugging backdrops over a mile to the lake, laying down in swarms of ants, getting into giant fish-infested waters…they did it all for the sake of creating something magical…

And I’m the lucky man that got to capture it…Enjoy!

///design: Lace+Likes, Witty Rentals///florals: Siren Floral Co.///rentals: Witty Rentals///epic video: Max of Max+Molly Films///makeup: Erica of 10.11 Makeup///hair: Kate of Bobby Pin Kate///glassware: Hostess Haven///vintage candles: Often Wander///killer printed goods+acryllic: Pitbulls+Posies///wardrobe: Gabi Bridges

Lady of the River_0066.jpg Lady of the River_0067.jpg Lady of the River_0068.jpg Lady of the River_0069.jpg Lady of the River_0070.jpg Lady of the River_0071.jpg <img class="aligncenter" title="Lady of the River_0072.jpg" src="http://www how to slim down” alt=”Lady of the River_0072.jpg” /> Lady of the River_0073.jpg Lady of the River_0074.jpg Lady of the River_0075.jpg Lady of the River_0076.jpg Lady of the River_0077.jpg Lady of the River_0078.jpg Lady of the River_0079.jpg Lady of the River_0080.jpg Lady of the River_0081.jpg Lady of the River_0082.jpg Lady of the River_0083.jpg Lady of the River_0084.jpg Lady of the River_0086.jpg Lady of the River_0085.jpg
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