Aaron+Samantha: Married

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There are few greater honors than being able to celebrate a close friends wedding, one being able to capture the images and still be present as a guest!!

Aaron and I have now known each other for over 10 years. We have shared a lot of life together, super highs and super lows…the kind of stuff that really defines a relationship and grows it strongest! I’ve listened to his heart over the years as he has talked about wanting to get married and have a family. What an incredible year this will be for him as he celebrates getting both as his new bride is expecting their first child. Their small yet incredibly beautiful wedding ceremony was a perfect reflection of their genuine love for each other and excitement over this next phase of their adventure together. It took place at Aaron’s brother and sister-in-laws house on cliffs of Leucadia, CA. There were bright colors, beautiful details, custom build wooden letters spelling “L-O-V-E” made by Aaron’s talented artist brother, and the ocean as the backdrop. Couldn’t have been a more perfect day!

Cheers to Aaron + Samantha!! I love you both!!

/// event design: Erin Hawk /// custom wooden letters: Jeremiah Miller /// catering: Vigilucci’s /// cake: Cute Cakes /// Aaron+Samantha_0126.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0128.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0127.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0129.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0131.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0132.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0133.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0134.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0135.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0136.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0130.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0137.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0138.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0139.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0140.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0141.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0142.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0143.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0144.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0145.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0146.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0147.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0148.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0149.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0150.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0151.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0152.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0153.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0154.jpg Aaron+Samantha_0155.jpg
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