Andy+Amber: Married


Most of you know Amber from her role on the T.V. show Greek (where her and Andy first met and exchanged their first kiss) a few years back, or perhaps in her recent debut in 22 Jump Street.  And those of you that are Walking Dead fans…you know Andy as the sadistic cannibal, Gareth, the leader of Terminus (in real life he is one of the most down to earth and genuinely nice people ever).  Together they make such an incredible couple…kind, generous, hilarious, and obviously talented.

I remember the first time I “met” with Andy and Amber over a very spotty Skype call.  Pretty sure we got disconnected a couple times, only had audio for about 5 minutes, and then continually found ourselves talking at the same time because of the delay.  Regardless, I had such a great time getting to hear their stories and getting to know them a bit…but, I’m not afraid to admit that I was a little worried that technology may have steered them away from my involvement in their big day wikipedia reference.

To my delight, the opted to trust me with the privilege of capturing their beautiful and inspired Vanity Fair-esque wedding at the always classy Carondelet House in Los Angeles.  It was a magical night with a Christmas tree as an escort card station, incredible winter-inspired florals, countless candles, and of course some classic tunes mixed in by Dart DJs!!

/// coordination: Carly Rae Weddings /// florals: Fleur De Rye /// venue: Carondelet House /// catering: Tres L.A. /// dj: Dart DJ /// videography: David Gallardo /// lighting: Lighten Up! /// linens: La Tavola /// hair: Jessica Elbaum /// makeup: Molly Greenwald /// cake: Cake and Art ///

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