Peter+Bethany: Elopement


I’m quickly realizing how much I love elopements!  There’s something about them…they are so stripped down, no fuss, no showiness.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love big, energized weddings…but there is something so pure and lovely about the simplicity of watching two people celebrate their love in such a mellow, intimate way.  Peter and Bethany accomplished this very well.  They flew out from Miami with their two adorable kiddos and settled on the always awesome Palm Springs to tie the knot.  They have both long had an obsession with everything mid-century modern and what better place to find all that.

We had such a great time together!  Hope you enjoy these images that we captured during our time together!  Cheers!

Also, for those of you that have kids…you MUST check out the super rad online kids apparel store that Bethany owns called Tiny Bandits!  Their clothes are made of organic cotton and the quality is amazing.

Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0003.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0001.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0002.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0004.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0005.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0006.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0007.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0008.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0009.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0010.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0011.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0012.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0013.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0014.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0015.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0016.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0017.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0018.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0019.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0020.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0021.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0022.jpg <img class="aligncenter" title="Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0023.jpg" src="http://www quick weight loss diet” alt=”Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0023.jpg” /> Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0024.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0025.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0026.jpg Peter+Bethany_stevecowellphoto_0027.jpg

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