Cowell Family: Maternity (Part 1)

This shoot was intimidating for me.  I’m sure that sounds super weird to you considering this is my wife and daughter, but there is something about shooting my own spouse and child that puts extra pressure on me.  I guess it is because my “mind’s lens” sees so many different layers of beauty of my ladies, not just their obvious surface beauty.  Therefore, I feel a certain obligation to be able capture the beauty that I see that no one else can see like I do, but with a camera that only captures two dimensions.    Maybe this is ridiculous and unneeded pressure to put on myself, but at the same time I have so much pride welled up over these two amazing humans that I want to do them adequate justice when sharing images of them to the world.

Well, here is my best attempt.  Thanks to the incredible talent of Erica from 10.11 Makeup, my lovely wife was looking super fine.  We found a fun new secret spot in Orange County that embraced a slightly more moody essence and spent some fun time together as a family of 3 (which won’t be the case for much longer).  Hope you enjoy!

Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0407.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0408.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0409.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0410.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0411.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0412.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0413.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0414.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0415.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0416.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0417.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0418.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0419.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0420.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0421.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0422.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0423.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0424.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0425.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0426.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0427.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0428.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0429.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity_stevecowellphoto_0430.jpg

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