Cowell Family: Part 2

Part 2: Amber insisted that I actually get in front of the camera and be a part of the photos.  So, because he is super talented, a good friend, and he documented us before we welcomed our beautiful girl August into the family, we asked Aaron Young to capture us again as a family of 3.  The pictures speak for themselves in terms of his talent.  What a special time for us as we await baby #2…Thanks Aaron for being a part of creating these memories for us!!


Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0001.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0002.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0003.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0004.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0005.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0006.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0007.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0008.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0009.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0010.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0011.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0012.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0013.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0014.jpg Amber Cowell Maternity 2_stevecowellphoto_0015.jpg

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