Ben, Ally + Luna

I was so fortunate to recently be invited along to help tell a very special story for the Squirrel family. Ben and Ally have been together for over 5 years and have a beautiful daughter, Luna, together. They decided to get married and wanted it to be a small, intimate civil ceremony. They asked if I would be willing to do an “after-elopement” session with them and Luna to celebrate this exciting next step in their adventure together. I happily agreed!

Ally will say that I could cut her out of every photo and just have Luna in them…but once you see this incredibly beautiful family you will agree with me that they are too good looking to not have them all in the photo. It was a very special time with them and I couldn’t be happier to see two incredible parents coming together to provide a legacy for their daughter of love and fun!

Ben, Ally + Luna_0001.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0002.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0003.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0004.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0005.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0006.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0007.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0008.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0009.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0010.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0011.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0012.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0013.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0014.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0015.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0016.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0017.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0018.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0019.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0020.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0021.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0022.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0023.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0024.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0025.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0026.jpg Ben, Ally + Luna_0027.jpg

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