Tiffany Dixon: Maternity


Sooo, this may be a bit late as Tiffany and Ryan have already welcomed their beautiful daughter, Summer, into this big world…but they are just far too good looking of a family and I am in love with these images too much to not share them with the world.

Ryan and I were college roommates at Biola and have stayed friends over the years. Talk about a guy that always brings the fun and adventure with him whereever he goes. Seeing him get married and now become a dad, it just makes me look forward to how much fun their little girl is going to have with her crazy, fun dad! And Tiffany exuded a beauty and elegance in her pregnancy. Not only did she have one of the most beautiful prego bellies I have ever seen, but she seemed so well suited for this adventure ahead of her.

I’m stoked to share the awesome time I shared with them around their home town of Manhattan Beach. Enjoy!

Ben, Ally + Luna_0028.jpg Dixon Maternity_0001.jpg Dixon Maternity_0002.jpg Dixon Maternity_0003.jpg Dixon Maternity_0004.jpg Dixon Maternity_0005.jpg Dixon Maternity_0006.jpg Dixon Maternity_0007.jpg Dixon Maternity_0008.jpg Dixon Maternity_0009.jpg Dixon Maternity_0010.jpg Dixon Maternity_0011.jpg Dixon Maternity_0012.jpg Dixon Maternity_0013.jpg Dixon Maternity_0014.jpg Dixon Maternity_0015.jpg Dixon Maternity_0016.jpg Dixon Maternity_0017.jpg Dixon Maternity_0018.jpg

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