Joey+Chie: Married

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Dang, there are just way too many good things to say about this amazing couple and their Funky, Modern wedding at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco! Joey and Chie are just two of the nicest humans around, both artists with great style and smiles that go on for days. They’ve been together for over 11 years and the sweetness of their relationship is so obvious…they truly are best friends. Their wedding was a perfect balance of fun, funky, modern and chic thanks to the incredible creative stylings of Jesi Haack Design and killer florals by Studio Choo, and the flawless execution of the entire day thanks to Anni from The Love Riot!


/// design: Jesi Haack Design /// planning: Anni w/ The Love Riot /// florals: Studio Choo /// catering: Grace Street Catering /// video: Project W Production /// dessert: Puff Truck /// lighting: Got Light? /// venue: Conservatory of Flowers /// photo booth: Night Owl Photo Booth /// glassware: Francis Lane /// lion dancers:  Lion Dance Me /// hair+makeup: Minia Makeup /// dj: Josh Klor ///

Joey+Chie_0001.jpg Joey+Chie_0002.jpg Joey+Chie_0003.jpg Joey+Chie_0004.jpg Joey+Chie_0005.jpg Joey+Chie_0006.jpg Joey+Chie_0007.jpg Joey+Chie_0008.jpg Joey+Chie_0009.jpg Joey+Chie_0010.jpg Joey+Chie_0011.jpg Joey+Chie_0012.jpg Joey+Chie_0013.jpg Joey+Chie_0014.jpg Joey+Chie_0015.jpg Joey+Chie_0016.jpg Joey+Chie_0017.jpg Joey+Chie_0018.jpg Joey+Chie_0019.jpg Joey+Chie_0020.jpg Joey+Chie_0021.jpg Joey+Chie_0022.jpg Joey+Chie_0023.jpg Joey+Chie_0024.jpg Joey+Chie_0025.jpg Joey+Chie_0026.jpg Joey+Chie_0027.jpg Joey+Chie_0028.jpg Joey+Chie_0029.jpg Joey+Chie_0030.jpg Joey+Chie_0031.jpg Joey+Chie_0032.jpg Joey+Chie_0033.jpg Joey+Chie_0034.jpg Joey+Chie_0035.jpg Joey+Chie_0036.jpg

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