Josh+Ailene: Engaged

When life hands you lemons… how were we to know that after an entire week of amazing weather we would suddenly get a two day rain storm??  Even checking weather reports the day before, Josh+Ailene had no idea that their entire engagement session would be rainy, cold and what most people would classify as miserable.  Good thing they aren’t “most people” and I am definitely not discourage by foul weather.

I guess that is the tension that I love living in with this amazing thing I get to call my job…while I would have loved to have sunny, blue skies and endless possibilities for exploring the Ventura area with these two lovely people, the weather forced us to scrap our original plan and embrace a new adventure.  We had to break free of the box we tried to build around our day and fly completely by the seat of our pants.  It was awesome and energizing!  We found a used book store, we ate chips and salsa as an excuse to be inside and take a few pics in a little dive of a Mexican restaurant, we got soaked head-to-toe down at Surfer’s Point so we could get a few epic umbrella pics… it was all good!!

At the end of the day we were praising the rain and the fun that it forced us to have!  Thanks Josh and Ailene for being awesome and helping turn our time together into a tall, heaping glass of lemonade!

Josh+Ailene_0001.jpg Josh+Ailene_0002.jpg Josh+Ailene_0003.jpg Josh+Ailene_0004.jpg Josh+Ailene_0005.jpg Josh+Ailene_0006.jpg Josh+Ailene_0007.jpg Josh+Ailene_0008.jpg Josh+Ailene_0009.jpg Josh+Ailene_0010.jpg Josh+Ailene_0011.jpg Josh+Ailene_0012.jpg Josh+Ailene_0013.jpg Josh+Ailene_0014.jpg

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