Jonathan+Lindsay: Orange County Engagement

It will be evident by the photos that a lot of fun was had with these two...the smiles and laughs were flowin'...the jokes and silliness were also abundantly present...and then there is the straight up hotness of these two should-be-models who effortlessly and with absolute trust went along with my photo-taking shenanigans.  I say it all the time, but clients that fully trust me (even when sometimes I am working hard to figure out what direction I want to take a session) are the ones that end up getting my best.

*Vulnerable statement coming at you right now*   So, our plan for Jonathan+Lindsay's session included heading to the beach for the second part of our time so we could get some sunset shots.  We got there (it was a Saturday mind you) and it was absolutely packed! I kinda went into problem solving/minor panic mode trying to be mindful to maintain the fun and energy of the day while at the same time hiding my disappointment at how crowded it was and how much more difficult it was going to be to get great shots without a million tourists crowding the background.  I've found that this discomfort is good for pushes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to harness my creative juices for the sake of giving my clients something awesome. In this case, it forced me in closer to my couple, getting those shots that communicate their intimacy and closeness. Mission accomplished and I would say some of my favorite dusk shots so far.

Hope you all enjoy!  Cheers!