Waiting for baby girl

We are officially on baby watch as tomorrow marks my wife's due date for our 3rd baby girl. It's interesting this time around because we actually feel prepared. With her last pregnancy, it was filled with so many unknowns...when will it happen? what will it be like? how long will it last? will we be able to go through with the home birth or will unexpected circumstances force us to transfer to a hospital? The amount of questions that ran through our head were too many to count, but this time it seems like the questions have disappeared and have now just been replaced with an anxious energy of "ok little one, we are ready for you so please just get here already". I say that understanding the irony of knowing that when she arrives the hard work will have just begun...that life doesn't all of a sudden get easier because my wife isn't pregnant anymore.

I think I'm just anxious to meet her. She wasn't planned, definitely not expected, and if I'm being completely honest, the idea of her at first wasn't entirely welcomed... this was simply because we were JUST coming out of a season of survival mode only to be shockingly thrust right back into it. But having had the last 9 months to adjust to the idea of another little lady joining us, another sister for our girls to play with, dress up, read books to, get in fights with...it just started to shift into a feeling of it being our new normal. Don't get me wrong, I still get that tight chest of anxiety  any time I think about how we are going to manage 3 kids under the age of 2 1/2, running our businesses, investing in our marriage, etc, etc, etc...but just like we have in the past, we will figure it out. Not without many bumps along the way, but we will survive. And sometimes surviving is thriving.

So until we can introduce you to our new little lady, let me leave you with some pictures from a last minute maternity session I did with my stunning bride just yesterday. Man I love this woman...she is straight up my hero!  Cheers!