Jonathon+Cyndi: Engaged


Adventurous and trusting…two of the qualities I crave the most in my clients. When it happens, it is completely mutually beneficial because I get to push myself creatively and be way more thoughtful in my approach to a shoot…the couple benefits because they get some of my best work!

Jonathon and Cyndi are just those kind of clients! I first met Jonathon when he came on board as an intern at our church Redemption. He is an incredible guy; happy, gracious, never complains, and looks a little like Mario Lopez. Then he introduced me to his fiancee Cyndi…an equally kind, gentle, and beautiful spirit. Dang they make a killer good lookin’ couple!!

We had such an amazing time galavanting around L.A. talking, laughing, and taking pictures. Based on the results, it’s safe to say it was a really good day!

Can’t wait for your wedding in November Jonathon and Cyndi!! #meetthemurillos

Jonathon+Cyndi_0048.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0049.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0050.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0051.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0052.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0053.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0054.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0055.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0056.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0057.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0058.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0059.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0060.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0061.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0062.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0063.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0064.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0065.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0066.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0067.jpg Jonathon+Cyndi_0068.jpg

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