Jimmy+Emily: Married


It’s fantastic having a big family…not to mention a seriously loud, boistrous, and super fun family. Our gatherings, however seldom they happen nowadays, are always so much fun. Weddings are no exception, especially the much anticipated nuptuals of my beautiful cousin Emily and her Godsend of a groom Jimmy. Let me say a few words about Emily first…she is an incredible person and is destined for a making a huge impact in this world for Jesus. I think we all knew pretty early on that Emily was something special from a young age. Talk about a young woman who exudes grace, compassion, a sensitive spirit, passion for the Gospel and sharing that incredible message with others around the world…Emily embodies these all. It has been such a pleasure watching her grow up and see the ways God has shaped these incredible gifts to ready her for overseas missions.

Then Jimmy entered the picture. Finding the perfect mate is difficult enough and likely even more so I imagine when you are answering the Call to full time missionary work. To find someone that shares the same heart and passion for the exact same people group…Good thing God chose Jimmy for Emily, because it was no accidental pairing. Jimmy is an incredibly good man and one that didn’t let a little speedbump of Emily being thousands of miles away deter him from pursuing a relationship with her. It was so evident that Jimmy was going to be a husband that served his wife as Christ served the church, cherishing her every day. Fast forward to their wedding day, a beautiful day filled with love, pure joy, and the Lord’s blessing!

I’m so priveledged to have been able to capture this special day for them and am so expectant of the work God is going to do in and through this incredible couple!!

/// planning: The Love Riot /// venue: Country Oaks Baptist Church /// video: Cloudless Weddings /// dj: Aaron’s DJ Services /// photo booth: Sit n’ Grin ///

Jimmy+Emily_0001.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0002.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0003.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0004.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0005.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0006.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0007.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0008.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0009.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0010.jpgJimmy+Emily_0011.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0012.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0013.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0014.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0015.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0016.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0017.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0018.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0019.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0020.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0021.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0022.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0023.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0024.jpg Jimmy+Emily_0025.jpg

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