Of Mountain & Men: Big Bear, CA

I recently had the honor and pleasure of heading up to Big Bear Lake and spending a weekend with 55 super awesome guys, most from Redemption Church.  It was a weekend filled with some of the activities you would expect with that many guys…very competitive ping pong, foosball, billiards, bean bags, etc.  But it also included some pretty rad, intense encounters with God through a gorgeous hike up Castle Rock, eating epic BBQ (compliments of Ryan Haack), and very authentic worship in the evenings.

I am so privileged to be a part of a church community where the men are studs, not because they cuss, treat women like objects, and brag about how much money they make…but rather because they lead with their weaknesses, pray for their wives/girlfriends, and raise their hands to worship their God uninhibited by what the world recognizes as “cool”.

These are just a few fun shots from the weekend!


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