Saltan Sea

So, I’ve actually published these pictures before, but prior to starting to use VSCO film.  Therefore, I wanted to do them artistic justice by re-editing them and showing them off in a more appropriate forum.

If you haven’t been to the Saltan Sea, Salvation Mountain, or Slab City…you really need to put it on your To-Visit list.  It’s the most fascinating place in California and especially more so if you get to meet Leonard Knight, the founder and creator of Salvation Mountain.  My buddy, Eric, and I had the pleasure of getting a private tour from him of his amazing creation comprising mostly of tractor tires, adobe, and millions of gallons of paint.  It took him a mere 30 years to complete, so you can imagine the pride that went into this labor of love…all in the name of telling people about the love of God!

I can respect that!

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