Stuart & Daena: Engaged (Part 2)

I’m super excited for part 2 of this insanely fun shoot.  It has been over 13 years since I last shot film in my high school photo class.  Once digital became mainstream, I jumped on that bandwagon and I also joined the camp that film was no longer relevant.  As you can probably tell, I am making quite a few changes to the look of my business and it seems that based on where I want to go, film represents exactly what is relevant in my art form.  It’s about getting back to what I love about photography…the thrill of getting a great shot.  My excitement over waiting for these film scans to get back to me reminded me of when I learned to develop my own prints in a darkroom…the anticipation of that photo appearing from nothing when in the developer bath.

I love that Daena and Stu get to be the first subjects in this exciting new phase of my art.  And I am equally in love with how their beauty shines through in these raw moments!

[Canon AE/Canon EOS, Expired Tri-x, Ilford 3200, and Expired Kodak 800]































Stuart & Daena: Part 2



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