Life is Nothing But a Crazy Circus

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Hands down, this was a once in a lifetime experience! Brett and Jenine, two incredibly gracious, humble, and completely genuine people wanted to celebrate their 40th and 30th birthdays in style. As members of the private Napa Valley Reserve winery, they opted for a soiree for themselves and 50 of their closest friends. Jenine, at the time was preganant with their fourth child, which would give them 4 kids under the age of 4 (two of them being twins)…hence the theme for the party “Life is Nothing But a Crazy Circus”. The day prior to the party also included a party bus to cart the entire group around for some phenomenal wine tasting and lunch. Brett and Jenine really knew how to take care of their friends!

Then there was the party! I can’t even begin to explain how much Jesi Haack knocked the design for this one out of the park, and how flawlessly Amber with The Love Riot planned and implemented everything down to the last detail. The Vau De Vire Society was the highlight of the evening with their unreal circus themed entertainment during the 5-course wine paired meal we all got to partake in. As you will see below, it was a magical night. Thank you Brett and Jenine for letting Amber and I be a part of such a fantastic night. You guys are amazing!


/// design: Jesi Haack Design /// planning: The Love Riot /// circus acts+carnival games: The Vau De Vire Society /// florals: Casey of Krista Jon /// stationary: Pitbulls + Posies /// venue: The Napa Valley Reserve /// linens: La Tavola /// rentals: Classic Party Rentals /// catering (5 course menu): through Meadowood /// band: Ever Music through Wine Country Entertainment

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