Dan+Whitney: Married


Palms Springs weddings are fast becoming some of my favorites.  Awesome venues, amazing weather (when it isn’t summer time) and awesome style.  Dan and Whitney’s wedding at the Merv Griffin Estate was no exception!  Guests came in from all over the U.S., Mexico City, and even as far as Peru for an epic weekend filled with plenty of sun,  an endless pouring of summer cocktails,  and a dance party that will go down in the record books.  We should also mention how incredibly stunning Whitney looked in her soft pink wedding dress and Dan in his blue tuxedo!  These two are extremely gracious and fun people and their guests were equally as kind and fun to be around!

Thank you Dan + Whitney for letting me be a part of such a rad weekend!

/// venue: Merv Griffin Estate /// coordination: The Events Department /// dj: Canyon Cody /// catering: Westwood /// video: Emotion Picture Studio /// makeup: Grace Pae /// rentals: Classic Party Rentals /// florals: David Rohr Floral Studio /// hair: Azelle w/ Lady Art Looks ///

Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0007.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0002.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0001.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0003.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0004.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0005.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0006.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0008.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0009.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0010.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0011.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0012.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0013.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0014.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0015.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0016.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0017.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0018.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0019.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0020.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0022.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0021.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0023.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0024.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0025.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0026.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0027.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0028.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0029.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0030.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0031.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0032.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0033.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0034.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0035.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0036.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0037.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0038.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0039.jpg Dan+Whitney_stevecowellphoto_0040.jpg

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