Tyler+Megan: Married

Tyler and Megan are both lawyers in Washington D.C. but wanted to celebrate their wedding on the lovely, rain-free West Coast where most of their family is from.  What better place to have a small, colorfully bright and fun California wedding then the always awesome Smog Shoppe?  I of course was completely on board.  Their style was clean, well designed, and definitely spoke of their personality… I loved their polaroid seating chart, fluorescent invites and menu cards, and when Whoa Nelly caters then you know the food is gonna be crazy good!

Congrats Tyler and Megan, you two are so genuinely awesome, kind, and so much fun to be around.  Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your big day!  I was truly honored!


///venue: Smog Shoppe /// planning: Demaray Events /// caterer: Whoa Nelly /// florist: Dandelion Ranch /// dj: DJ Swon w/ Red Shoe /// vintage rentals: Found Rentals /// rentals: Town & Country /// photobooth: PhotoboxLA /// hair+makeup: Bethany Colson /// print: Sloan Harmony Design /// bar service: Liquid Catering ///

Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0001.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0002.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0003.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0004.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0005.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0006.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0007.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0008.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0009.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0010.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0011.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0012.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0013.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0017.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0018.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0019.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0020.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0014.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0015.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0016.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0022.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0023.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0024.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0026.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0025.jpg Tyler+Megan_stevecowellphoto_0027.jpg

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